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Hativity® Nylon Collectors Kit - Hat, Book & Patch Set

Hativity® Nylon Collectors Kit - Hat, Book & Patch Set

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🧢  Introducing the Hativity® Nylon Sun Cap

Protect your child from harmful UV rays while providing entertainment with Hativity's Nylon Sun Cap! Made from 100% Nylon fabric with UPF 50+, this cap is breathable, water-resistant, and perfect for on-the-go adventures. Its wide brim, greater than 3 inches, ensures ultimate sun protection, while the elastic band and mesh lining offer comfort.  

Our Sun Cap features patent-designed unique features, ensuring optimal sun protection, comfort, and entertainment. With a non-flop wide brim, children's visual field remains clear, encouraging hat-wearing. The brim width of 3.25 inches maximizes sun protection, and a soft elastic inner headband provides a snug fit. The interior mesh lining ensures breathability and coolness. Competitors offer short brim, floppy brim, or brim-only hats, but our product provides the ultimate solution. 🌞


Available in 2 sizes and 8 vibrant colors, Hativity Sun Cap allows children to express their style while staying safe under the sun. Pair it with our many different patches for added fun and customization! Plus, store and organize your patches with our Hativity® Activity Book, featuring durable nylon oxford material and a Velcro closing strap.

Key Features:

UrPF 50+ certified Nylon fabric: Breathable, water-resistant, and sun-protective. 🌟

Wide brim, patented feature: Ensures ultimate sun protection. 🌞

Comfortable fit: Fits children with head circumferences of 20-23 inches. 📏

Travel-friendly: Ideal for outdoor activities. 🎒

Sun Protection and Entertainment: Offers both protection and fun for your child. 🤹‍♂️

Personalization with patches: Encourages creativity and socialization. 🎨

Aromatherapy feature: Apply aromatherapy on the Hativity patch for added relaxation. 🌿

Therapeutic Benefits: 

Enhance Social Interaction and Communication 🤝🗣️:
Our custom-designed patches, including emoji patches with facial expressions, empower children to express their feelings and emotions. From 😊 to 😢, 😍 to 😂, these patches facilitate emotional expression while also aiding in color recognition, counting, vocabulary building, texture identification, and more! 🌈📚

Sensory Stimulation 🧠:
Hativity contributes to a comprehensive sensory program, offering a tailored fit for comfort and gentle pressure for a calming effect. Our sensory patches feature various textures like chenille, felt, puff, cloth, and embroidery, providing tactile stimulation for hands and fingers. The industrial-strength Velcro ensures secure attachment, improving hand strength and coordination. Our colorful activity book with lace tie binding keeps patches organized while offering opportunities for fine motor skill development through lacing and tying. Children delight in the satisfying sound of Velcro patches being pulled off the hat and book repeatedly. Additionally, Hativity supports aromatherapy, allowing for easy application of essential oils to the top brim of the hat. Perfect for children with motion sickness or sensitivity to odors, our aromatherapy patches offer wellness benefits on the go! Simply replace patches with different oils as needed, with each pack containing three washable and patented-designed patches. 🌿🎩

Hativity Starter Kit Includes:

  • One Hativity Hat In Your Favorite Color
  • One Activity Book
  • Two Set of Patches From Any of Our Collections

Claiming Your Second Set of Patches:
Simply add this product to your cart at checkout. Then, select any additional patches from our collection, and enjoy an automatic discount that ensures your second set of patches is included for free!

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