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Shannon Davis Headshot Photo Dr. Shannon, PT, DPT

As a practicing Physical Therapist and mother of two, I recognized the need for a safer and more natural way for children to transition from sitting to standing and walking. Observing the limitations of traditional walkers, I set out to create a solution that enables natural movement. After extensive tinkering and development, the Little Balance Box™ was born, providing children with a seamless transition between sitting, standing, and walking.

About Little Balance Box:

Little Balance Box® Promotes Safe and Natural Walking for a Healthy Baby:

Invented by Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT, the Little Balance Box® offers a revolutionary approach to developing coordination, balance, and walking skills in children. Made from eco-friendly bamboo and free from harmful chemicals, this innovative product allows children to explore their environment safely and independently. With patented gliding feet and a unique design, the Little Balance Box® ensures stability while preventing damage to floors.

The Little Balance Box features a unique ergonomic design, boasting a wide open base and stable square shape. Crafted to enhance a child’s gross motor development, it facilitates natural, unrestricted mobility. With its square top, children can comfortably use their hands or forearms from any direction, promoting stability and balance while maximizing developmental potential.

The Little Balance Box stands apart as the only baby walker without wheels, facilitating your child's natural transition from kneeling to standing. With its unique design, as the child leans on the top surface, the springs compress, providing increased resistance and drag on the feet. This stability ensures that the Little Balance Box remains securely with your child during transitions, offering peace of mind and support throughout their developmental journey.

Push and Walk:
The Little Balance Box accompanies your child safely as they navigate different floor surfaces like carpet, tile, and wood. Equipped with nylon spring feet, it ensures your child doesn't move too quickly on tile and wood, unlike traditional wheeled walkers. Providing just the right amount of natural stability, the Little Balance Box supports your child's journey to independent walking.

About Hativity:
Child wearing hativity hat near the beach in the pink color
As a mom and physical therapist, I strive to find solutions that simplify everyday challenges. Hativity was born out of my frustration during grocery shopping trips with my children. Designed to serve as both a sun hat and an activity, Hativity revolutionizes shopping experiences for both parents and kids.

Child wearing hativity bennie near camping area in the grey color