Therapeutic Benefits


Improve social interaction and communication with the custom designed patches. The emoji patches with facial images such as happy, sad, love, crying and laughing assist a child with expressing their feelings and emotions. The variety of patch designs and categories help a child learn their colors, counting, build their vocabulary, identify textures, holidays and more!


Hativity can be used as part of a comprehensive sensory program. Hativity’s tailored fit provides a sense of comfort and gentle pressure produces a calming effect. The sensory patches offer a variety of textures, including chenille, felt, puff, cloth and embroidery. Children love the feel of these various textures on their hands and fingers! The industrial strength Velcro secures the patches on to the hat and improves hand strength and coordination. A colorful activity book with lace tie binding keeps all the patches organized. The activity book also offers the opportunity to practice fine motor skills of lacing and tying. Children love the sound of the Velcro patches being pulled off the hat and book, over, over and over again! Lastly, aromatherapy can be used with Hativity. Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on the Hativity patch on the top brim of the hat. Great for children with motion sickness or sensitivity to yucky smells!


Aromatherapy On The Go-Have a kiddo who gets motion sickness or dislikes the smells in the grocery store? Hativity Aromatherapy Patch is a great option! Essential oils can provide many benefits promoting health/wellness, relaxation/calming and focus/awareness. The Hativity Aromatherapy Patch is a new and easy way to utilize aromatherapy anywhere and anytime!! Time for a new scent, remove the hook and loop patch and replace with a new one. Patches sold in packs of 3 allow quick application of different oils. Patches are a patented designed with layered porous and washable materials.