Therapeutic Benefits

The Little Balance Box is a push walker designed by mom and physical therapist.

An intuitively designed product that provides stability for a baby to transition from crawling or sitting to kneeling, standing and walking. It helps your child with balance, coordination and learning to walk.

Designed for small children who are able to pull to a standing position. Little Balance Box® is intuitively designed to provide self-sufficient stability while transitioning from sitting to kneeling, standing and walking.

Rounded Ergonomic Square Top – Allows maximum surface area for a variety of hand/arm positions from any direction and the raised frame lip provides grip during transitions.

Dynamic Floating Feet – Up and down movement provides sensory input to develop coordination in muscles and joints.

Dual Function:  The Little Balance Box™ makes a great toddler table! At this age a child is beginning to participate in more tabletop activities. It is often difficult for them to transition on and off a chair to sit at a table. They tend to lose their balance and fall off or tip over the chair. The Little Balance Box™ solves this problem by allowing the child to access the tabletop surface in sitting or standing. The clear top surface has a great workspace with the easy to clean top and rounded boarder to contain all the goodies! The children love having a place that they can independently access to work on their fine motor skills. As you can see the Little Balance Box™ is a new unique way to allow for optimum development in our children!!